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Uther Books is officially live. For almost twenty years, I ran Pendragon Press but towards the end I was losing enthusiasm, which coincided with a sort-of mid-life crisis - and like many men hitting their 40s, I became that most hated of creature: the MAMIL. Except I refuse to wear lycra. But: 18 months into my hiatus, I did miss publishing. I dipped into the Pendragon slush-pile just to see if there was anything there that I enjoyed, and before I knew it I found a few which were still available. Uther Books is different to Pendragon in that I will be concentrating on chapbooks - or long short stories. How long Uther will last is another matter, and at present I am closed to submissions - already have enough for at least a year, more like two. Although Pendragon Press is no longer operating, the original website is still live for historical purposes and I'm using the Paypal email address purely for simplicity. If you're wondering where the links are, look in the top left of the

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